Hardcore SEO

Don't show up unless you're ready for hardcore.

When we're done here, this session page will be the VERY FIRST RESULT in a search done for 'Hardcore SEO' on Google.ca

That's what I'm talking about.

And you can say you were there when it happened, as it happened, and indeed being there will make you part of it.

After a brief but fascinating introduction by myself, Rob Campbell, participants will be assigned tasks online that will culminate in this Podcamp Session description page reaching top of page one of Google for the search term 'hardcore seo'. It doesn't matter what's there now; I haven't even looked... Oh yes I'm sure the competition is quite stiff. It doesnt matter - this 2014 Podcamp Session Page will push everything aside like a snow plow as it climbs to the top of the page... all because of what we are going to do together during the session. Be there.

Questions Answered

  1. DIY seo 2014
  2. what Google wants and how to answer Google's #1 question, 'who cares?'
  3. How to make keyword sandwiches (to feed robots)
  4. The interplay between articles, blogs and discussion forum posts
  5. How to use smm to reinforce seo

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